The solutions we offer can be implemented with minimum or no changes to suit your requirements. Both the turn-around time and costs will be minimum, if you are comfortable using the open-source tools that we had packaged to make solutions that address specific DevOps requirements.

  • Automated provisioning of AWS/EC2 nodes using Puppet and custom scripts.
  • Nikos – A CMDB platform built using MongoDB and Node.js, with UI and REST API interfaces.
  • Stand & Deliver – An easy to use framework to verify application environments. Automated unit-testing infrastructure built on Jenkins.
  • Franz – A package management and deployment system, optimized for the AWS infrastructure. Deploy configuration management systems such as Puppet, Chef and Ansible
  • Kunjumon – A framework to define monitoring requirements in an organization, with plugins available to translate those into actual implementations on Nagios, Zabbix and DataDog.

DevOps services and solutions provider.