As consultants, we solve  business problems using industry standard tools that would cost you minimum. You might need help because you may lack DevOps expertise, or, your operations team may not have the bandwidth.

Irrespective of the background of the engagement, our consulting team would provide recommendations, implement those and train your team to take ownership.

  • Consulting services
  • Setup development environments using Vagrant.
  • Build staging environment.
  • Rollout release process.
  • Advise on application and DevOps technology stack.
  • Build production environments on AWS.
  • Provide blue-print for building DevOps team.
  • Rollout 24×7 on-call and develop runbooks for operations staff.
  • Implement incident response process.
  • Implement git and rollout Git-Flow process.
  • Build monitoring infrastructure.
  • Device disaster recovery and backup strategies.
  • Custom Python tooling and automation projects.

DevOps services and solutions provider.